DIY Wedding Ideas

Being a wedding photographer we are quite fortunate to celebrate and be a part of many couples special days. We are always overwhelmed by the amount of creativity and time many of our brides and grooms put into even the smallest detail to personalise their wedding. 

In recent years we have noticed a change in the way people are stylising their weddings. People seem to be having more fun, adding their own personal touch with weddings being styled in certain ways to feel polished yet more do it yourself and crafty which in turn can make the wedding more interactive for guests ie photo booths etc. We see these at many weddings these day!

Centerpieces are simplistic and elegant, they are a beautiful way of personalising a table setting and giving your guests something to admire without breaking the bank. You can create warmth and add colour to a basic table setting by adding candles or flower arrangements. There are plenty of amazing centerpiece ideas all over the web - people are so creative!  

Interactive aspect to your wedding is very trendy but will also leave your guests talking about how much fun they had at your wedding for years to come! We have seen many photo booths and leave a note for the bride and groom ideas at weddings we have shot around Nelson. Planning small events within the big day is a fun idea as well ie firework going off at a set time. Giving back to your guests is also a nice idea, small goodby bags the guests can take home as a wee thank you. Who doesn't love getting gifts?!

Handmade wedding invitations or seating arrangement placement holders/name tags are a beautiful and very personal touch to any occasion, Thats If you are feeling particularly crafty and/or have extra time on your hands before your big day!

There are so many different do it yourself friendly projects you can contribute to your wedding to make it that extra bit more special and really impress your guests. The best thing is that most of the ideas we have shared are very simplistic and generally won't cost a huge amount of money or time! If you have enjoyed this blog post be sure to take a look at our wedding inspired board for more DIY wedding ideas you could use on your big day - Click Here

J & C