Our Top 5 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going full on, you may feel stressed, nervous but most of all excited! We have been the wedding photographer at many wedding ceremonies and have seen all of the above but we have also seen some great ways of combating these issues to make for a perfect wedding, we are going to share our top 5 things you should bring to a wedding which is often forgotten to help you celebrate your special day.

#1 Shoes: Weddings often go for ten or more hours, in those 10 hours you will be on our feet for most of the day which can be very hard our your poor feet, especially for the bride who will be most likely wearing heels. A great way of combating this issue is to bring a pair of ballet flats or something similar. Get your bridesmaids to pack these somewhere and if in need pop them on to give your feet a small break, it will make the world of difference as the night progresses!

#2 Food: Yes, the reception will cater for dinner but what about lunch? We have seen this time and time again and it is often overlooked but getting married is hungry business. Pack something you can snack on and definitely keep hydrated throughout the day. You will thank us later!

#3 Cellphone: Not necessarily something the bride of groom may want to have on them but make sure someone who is going to around you all day has some way of contact with the outside world in the event your ride doesn't show or your running late etc. Plan for everything!

#4 Tissues: Weddings are an emotional day for all and it's ok to cry, just make sure to have some tissues on hand as we would hate to see your wedding day makeup running off, especially in photos.

#5 Stick to the plan: Its a good idea to keep an eye on time, whats happening next and where you need to be. A great way of staying organised and not missing something important is to keep a diary or log of some sort so throughout the day you can keep track of where and what you need to be doing.

We hope we have helped remind you of something you may have not thought of,  there will most likely be a hundred more things to remember on your wedding day but those were out top 5 things the wedding party often forget. 

J & C