Wedding Videography

A wedding video, more important than you would believe! There is something truly special about watching your wedding day in a beautifully put together wedding video and having your memories of the day relieved and able to be shared for years to come. 

Wedding videography is one of those things thats has in the past been put in the "If we have the money" category yet we are forever hearing from couples who wish they had invested in a wedding videography for their big day, especially when time passes.

We have invested a lot of money into professional and high quality audio and videography equipment to capture your wedding day, our videography captures the details of your day, thebig moments and the little moments that are often not noticed until you watch your own wedding video. 

We recommend enquiring about having your day captured in a beautiful video you can cherish forever. Not only can you share your video with your loved ones and friends for years to come, a wedding video truely documents and captured the emotions of your day.. the bride walking down the aisle, the groom's face seeing his brides entrance.

Having a video with quality audio, we capture all of our wedding videography with quality audio in mind, this is hugely important to us as a story can not truly be retold the same way twice, audio has to be right!