We are all about simplicity and dreamy weddings however sometimes planning your wedding day is anything but! We know that after planning our own wedding and we want to make your journey with us the best experience possible, therefore our goal is to help assist you along your planning journey, offering advice and of course your answering burning questions.

With that in mind, we have created a list of frequently asked questions we often get asked by couples along the way which may help you with your wedding plans. Remember, we are here for you so if you do have a question which we haven't covered below, simply send us a message!

Q: How much time should we plan into our wedding day timeline for the location photos? 
A: We ask that two hours be set aside for your location photos, this excludes the time we will need for family and group photos. We also ask that additional time is provided if your location photos require us to travel between the ceremony and the location spot to cover delays ie traffic etc. 

Q: Do we need to provide our photographer/videographer with a meal, and do they need to be seated with our guests?
A: We do ask that a meal be provided due to the length of time we will be covering your wedding ie: approx 10 hours, give or take for full day coverage. It is a long day without any breaks for us so we really appreciate having a meal provided. We don't need to be seated with your guests, we are more than happy to take a seat outside of the venue and have a moment and a quick bite before continuing to capture your big day. 

Q: How long is full day coverage?
A: We aim to capture your wedding from the beginning to the end of the festivities, therefore capturing your day from getting ready right through to the first dance. We will always ask our brides and grooms before we depart if they require us to capture any future activities throughout the night before we leave. Full day is approx 10 hours give or take, every wedding is different.

Q: Do you both separate to capture the bride and groom getting ready?
A: We dont generally separate from one another to capture the two parties getting ready at separate locations, the reason behind this is that we are often capturing both photo and video together and try to keep our work consistent to tell the story as well as we generally only use the one vehicle to cut down on travel costs which the client would have to pay and can share our gear to provide a better result. We usually go between both the bride and groom so prefer for their getting ready locations to be as close to one another as possible. 

Q: When would I expect to receive my photos/video?
A: Depending on your contract, our standard delivery time is 8 - 10 weeks, depending on how much work we have on we sometimes will write our deliverable time as 10-12 weeks in your contract.

Q: How do you record the audio for our wedding film?
A: We aim to record the best, crisp and quality audio possible to be used in your wedding film, to do this we usually will attach a small microphone to the celebrant and the groom, we also have additional microphones attached to some of our cameras as backup as well as James will often plug into the celebrants audio equipment for additional backup audio. 

Q: How much time will we need for family/group photos?
A: It all depends on how many groups you wish to have photographed, the more people involved the more time you will need to allocate. We ask that a MC or someone who knows your guestlist well call out names and organise the groups for each photograph so we can focus on capturing the group photos with ease, this makes everything run smoother. For a standard wedding of about 6-7 group photos we allow 20 minutes which is plenty of time, give or take for teething issues ie Aunty Pam has disappeared to the bathroom or Uncle Bob is still looking for the car ribbon. 

Q: We are not very comfortable in front of a camera, will we need to pose?
A: We totally get you! You are not alone, most of our couple's have said similar things. We like to capture couples in the moment, we do assist a little with light posing but we dont like to make our couples into robotic lovers, natural is best! We will get you to walk together hand in hand, have a wee cuddle or a sneaky kiss and from time to time will direct you to look back at us or at each other etc. Its all about making you feel comfortable. 

Q: Do we get to pick the photos that Think Visual provides to us?
A: In short, this is not something we offer, we take a lot of photos throughout the day and have a very organised and accurate post-production process we follow to ensure we provide our clients with photos that truly tell the story of their day from start to finish. To do this we remove any blurry or low quality images and refine your images down to the selected amount that is stated within your chosen package and therefore we will select the images we believe and deem as not only good quality but a key moment in telling your story.