Wedding Day Timeline Guide

A good wedding day timeline will not only assist the bride and groom in making sure their day plays out perfectly, it will help your vendors and us in making sure we are where we need to be at the correct time so no moments are missed and everything goes to plan.

Tip #1: Start off simple, adding key moments to a list in the order they should play out, give yourself some wiggle room for events out of your control ie uncle Bob forgot the car ribbons, weather and traffic, and if ever in doubt, ask us! We have seen and created various timelines in the past and can help assist you in making sure your timeline is on track!

Tip #2: Planning on doing photos before the ceremony and possibly a first look? Ensure you organise approx. 1 hour of wiggle room between the time you expect to finish getting ready and the time you wish to start photos. Trust us, makeup and hair can sometimes take longer than expected and you dont want to miss out on getting amazing wedding photos! Also, remember to add extra time for travel to and from.

Below we have put together a very basic timeline as a guide, feel free to copy and paste it and have a play and if ever in doubt, send us a message!

Note: Think Visual will often go over the timetable with you ahead of your day to see if it works logistically and to ensure that we are able to capture everything with ease. We need time to travel between locations and if you have booked us for photo and video you will need to ensure that important key moments fit around us going between these locations. 

Wedding Day Timeline - Date of Wedding

Bride's Getting Ready Location: Address
 7:00am | Breakfast served
 7:30am  | Hair Stylist Arrives & Starts (Order: Bridesmaid, Bride, Bridesmaid, Mother of Bride)
 8:00am | Makeup Artist Arrives & Starts (Order: Bridesmaid, Mother Of Bride, Bride, Bridesmaid) 
 9:30am  | Think Visual Arrive
11:00am | Hair & Makeup Finished
11:40am | Bride gets into dress
12:00pm | Photos of Bride with Bridal Party & Parents, Grandparents etc
12:30pm | Think Visual Leave For Groom's Address
 1.30pm  | Bride departs for Ceremony Location (Address)

Groom's Getting Ready Location: Address
 8:00am | Breakfast served
 8:30am | Think Visual Arrive
 8.45am | Golf or Rugby Game Begins!
 9:00am | Think Visual leave for brides location
10:00am | Showers
11:00am | Iron Shirts, Shine Shoes
12:45pm | Think Visual Arrive
12:50pm | Get into suits, hair (and have a beer?) 
 1:20pm  | Photos of Groom with Groomsman, Parents and Grandparents etc
 1:40pm | Depart for Ceremony Location (Address)

 2:15pm | Ceremony Begins (Address)
 2:45pm | Ceremony Finishes, brief mingle with guests
 3:00pm | Family and Group Photos Begin (MC calls our names and gets groups in order)
 3:40pm | Family and Group Photos Finish
 3:45pm | Bride, Groom and Bridal Party head to photo location  (Photo Location/Address)
 5:45pm | Photographers head to reception (Address)
 6:00pm | Bride, Groom and Bridal Party depart for Reception Venue (Address)
 6:20pm | MC welcomes guests, Bride and Groom Arrive with Bridal Party and Enter
 6:40pm | A few speeches
 7:00pm | Dinner Served
 7:30pm | Sunset photos
 7:45pm | Cake cutting
 8:00pm | Speeches cont
 8:40pm | Desert
 9:20pm | Dance Dance Dance!