Wedding Hacks

Weddings are full on, we know that! Over the years we have witnessed some great "wedding hacks" that we want to share with our brides and grooms to help feel chill and prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of happiness, nerves and excitement which makes a wedding day so awesome! 

Below is a small and growing list of "Wedding Hacks" that work!

Bring Food & Drink with you when on route to your location photos, you will thank us later for this one! Maybe have a small picnic ahead of your photos and just take it all in, your married now! and its been a LONG day so take a moment to refresh yourself and your bridal party too!

Spare pair of shoes will go a long way! Give your feet a break from the heels and have a pair of comfy flats handy for the less official moments of your wedding.

Needle and thread will save tears and potentially lives! Be prepared and keep these handy and if something goes wrong and a button decides to leave the party early, you can secure that baby!

Bring a warm jacket! You might be getting married in the middle of summer but you still cant predict the weather and nobody wants to be cold on their wedding day! This hack is essential for when you are doing the photoshoot part of your big day. Bring a jacket along for warmth just incase.

Bring an umbrella with you, even if you leave it somewhere in the boot of your wedding car, not only do they make for beautiful photos (Especially the clear ones!) but they are so practical, dont take up much room in the mustang but they are also a game changer when fighting mother nature!

Wedding day transport, have you got this sorted? Double check your plans before your wedding day to ensure your bridal party get from A to B and therefore no stress!