Wedding Video Tips

We capture beautiful weddings videos for amazing couples whose stories are all unique and at times have even brought the odd tear to Carrie's eyes (On more than one occasion!) A lot of our couples are choosing to have their wedding day captured on video, we love doing this for our clients and being able to let them relive their big day again and again!

We have put together a small list of things that will make your wedding video even more personal, some inspiration and tips on how you can help us help you!

Note: You are 100% going to be mic'd up on your wedding day for us to capture and record the very best audio for your wedding film.

Wedding vows:
Your wedding ceremony will be captured on your ceremony film, which comes with any of our video packages. However, some of our clients like to freestyle or write their own vows, which is really sweet! We often like to use snippets of your wedding vows audio in your wedding film as often you will talk about how you met, a funny story or something special to you both.

Messages to one another:
Sometimes our couples like to get really romantic and write each other something special to be read ahead of the ceremony or first look on their wedding day. Not only is this adorable (!!) but we like to record our couples reading these notes out loud, usually somewhere private so they can take it all in. These lovely messages make for beautiful audio to go in your wedding film as they are very personal and in the moment.

First looks:
A first look is when you get the opportunity to meet/see eachother ahead of your ceremony, a lot of our couples are choosing to do this instead of the traditional first look at the ceremony. For us, when it comes to your wedding film the first look can make for a really lovely interaction which could be included in your film. First looks are highly emotional and exciting. Seeing each other all dressed up and your excitement captured on film is pretty cute!

So, the guys have decided to be All Blacks for the morning? No problem! We love getting in on the action and included some fun activities in your film to really tell your wedding days story and show off your personalities! We have captured grooms golfing, ironing the shirts together and/or polishing up the weddings cars ahead of the ceremony, which often makes for a lot of laughs and fun. And girls, you can get in on the action too! We love capturing unique moments which we could add to your film, SO please tell us if your planning something fun, because we want you to remember it on film! 

Surprises, gift givings and special moments:
Yes, Yes and Yes! We love to capture these sorts of moments! Please let us know if you plan on doing any of the above, we want to know so we can capture it for you. All of these little things will make for a beautiful film.

A good timeline:
This is key! Make sure you highlight any organised activities and key moments ie getting ready, ceremony start and approx finish times, getting into dress etc plus times and locations so we know where we need to be to capture these moments! And if any in doubt, ask us!
A timeline which works well will have allowances for if something doesn't quite go to plan or if an activity runs over the time allocated, it will also give us the time needed to go between locations.

Good audio at your ceremony:
We often like to plug into the celebrants mic and audio setup as this gives us an additional microphone to record the vows and the celebrants speech BUT also, having a good audio system especially when outside will mean that your guests can hear you and your celebrant clearly on the big day.